Summer is a time of excitement, passion projects, and a fresh start.

For homeowners, this usually translates to revitalising their living spaces. From fresh coats of paint to extensive renovations, the summer season presents a prime opportunity to embark on home refurbishment projects as the warmer weather brings with it the ideal time to breathe new life into your home.

Why? Because renovating during the summer offers several advantages, including:

  • Convenience-

As summer often aligns with school breaks and vacation time for many people it is easier to schedule renovations without disrupting daily routines or having to work around school schedules. Homeowners may also have more flexibility to oversee the project or make decisions without the stress of work or school commitments.

Summer is also particularly perfect for outdoor renovations such as landscaping, deck construction, and exterior painting. The pleasant weather makes it easier for contractors to access and work outdoors (and for homeowners to enjoy the outdoor spaces once the project is complete).

  • Efficiency-

The extended daylight hours during the summer provide more time for construction work, allowing contractors to accomplish more each day and potentially shorten the overall duration of the project.

And with warmer temperatures and lower humidity levels, materials like paint, plaster, and concrete tend to dry faster during the summer months which can accelerate the renovation process, allowing for quicker progress from one stage to the next.

Simply put, longer days mean more daylight to work on your renovation project, maximised productivity and potentially shortening the overall timeline for completion.

  • Cost savings-

Bad weather can often lead to fewer working days or even delays in the procurement of materials. Renovating during the summer results in fewer weather-related delays which in turn results in staying within the expected timeline and budget.

Additionally, some renovation materials and services may be available at discounted prices during the summer months due to seasonal sales and promotions. By timing renovations to coincide with these discounts, homeowners can save on the cost of materials and labour.

The warmer and drier working conditions even reduce the need for heating during renovations, while the pleasant weather can also facilitate ventilation during indoor projects, like painting or refinishing floors.

  • Identifying maintenance issues-

Addressing maintenance issues during the summer, such as repairing roof leaks, fixing plumbing leaks, or repainting exterior surfaces, can help prevent more extensive and costly repairs in the future. By tackling these issues proactively, homeowners can avoid potential damage and save on repair costs down the line.

Summer is also a great time to tackle energy efficiency upgrades, such as installing solar panels, replacing outdated HVAC systems, upgrading insulation, or replacing windows and doors. Implementing these improvements before the colder months can help reduce energy bills and enhance comfort year-round.

  • Market timing-

Renovating during the summer can also align with the peak real estate season in many regions. So, if you are planning to sell your home after renovation, completing the project during the summer can increase your chances of attracting buyers and securing a favourable sale price.

Overall, renovating during the summer offers favourable conditions for a smoother, more efficient project execution, ultimately leading to a more satisfying outcome for homeowners.

While the advantages of renovating in the summer are obvious and numerous, there are still more ways to ensure a successful summer refurbishment project:

Plan ahead

Start planning your refurbishment well in advance. This includes outlining your project goals, setting a budget, and hiring contractors or gathering necessary permits.

Consider timing

Aim to start your refurbishment early in the summer to take advantage of the favourable weather and longer daylight hours. This can help minimise disruptions and ensure sufficient time for completion.

Stay flexible

While planning is important, remain flexible and prepared to adapt to unexpected delays or changes in the project timeline. Summer schedules can be busy, so factor in potential scheduling conflicts and allow for some flexibility in your timeline.

Protect against heat

Take steps to protect both yourself and your workers from the summer heat. Schedule work during cooler parts of the day, provide shade and plenty of water and encourage frequent breaks to prevent heat-related illnesses.

Additionally, during indoor renovations, ensure proper ventilation to help remove dust, fumes, and excess heat from the work area. Open windows and use fans or air conditioning as needed to maintain a comfortable and safe working environment.

Communicate clearly

Maintain open communication with your contractors throughout the refurbishment process. Communicate your expectations, timelines, and any changes to the project scope to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Minimise disruption

If you are living in the home during the refurbishment, try to minimise disruption to your daily routine. Consider setting up temporary living arrangements, such as staying with family or friends, if major disruptions are expected.

Work with professionals-

While the warm weather and free time make DIY projects especially tempting this time of year, it is crucial to hire a professional team for your home refurbishment project (even for seemingly simple ones).

This is because renovations involve a myriad of complex factors, all of which must fall in line perfectly to create your ideal space. And the experts do it all.

From planning and designing the renovation in minute detail and applying for the requisite approvals, to selecting the best materials and supervising the entire project. All while prioritising efficiency, professionalism, and safety. This includes following proper safety protocols, using appropriate safety equipment, and ensuring that all workers are trained in safe work practices.

And perhaps most importantly, renovation experts help you avoid the mistakes and errors that may prove to be costly in the long run.

Basically, embarking on home refurbishment projects during the summer offers a strategic advantage, maximising efficiency, comfort, and enjoyment throughout the renovation process while ultimately enhancing the liveability and value of your home. So, as the temperatures rise, consider seizing the opportunity to breathe new life into your living space with a summer refurbishment project. Whether you’re aiming to enhance aesthetics, increase property value, or simply make the most of the longer days, the advantages of summer refurbishments are abundant and undeniable.

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Author: Amol

Amol is an architectural designer and has worked on hundreds of residential projects in London since 2008.Having done his M.Arch from the Glasgow School of Arts he gained valuable experience in London working in the construction industry managing high-end residential projects, before founding Good Design and Build in 2015.You will meet him for initial consultation and work closely with him during all stages of your project