The modern kitchen is an ideology, a doctrine and an ever-evolving concept. Throughout centuries, the purpose of a kitchen has gone through significant changes. It is now a space for communion, reunion, reflection and conclave. No longer tucked away, it is a room to show off. Styling and upgrading the kitchen is a regular home improvement. Do we sense a redesign in your mind? Here are modern and luxury kitchen design ideas to refresh elegance. 

Layout Planning

There’s no need to stay stuck with the original specifications. Kitchen extensions are there for a reason. You can change the dynamics with layouts, placements and modifications.

Open-plan layouts

Fully integrating the kitchen with adjacent living areas is the most significant detail of a modern kitchen. It gives rise to simultaneous multiple dynamics. Conversations can continue, and several interactions can happen at the same time. You can juggle cooking and company without interrupting the warm vibe. Kitchen islands are the centrepiece of an open-plan kitchen, especially those that double as dining tables. 

Placement of fixtures and appliances 

Maintain the ebb and flow of the kitchen with placement of appliances and fixtures. Is it possible to place your sink under a window? It works well as an aesthetic backdrop and backsplash while allowing ample ventilation. Your herbs will thrive here, too. 

Consider a large kitchen cabinet with power sockets to store and use small appliances like your blender, food processor and juicer. Your kitchen aide, toaster, coffee machine and microwave deserve designated places on a countertop. Opt for quality so they become trendy fixtures in your kitchen. 


The modern kitchen is a clutter-free zone. So, there should be plenty of storage options. A waterfall-style island can maximise storage with cabinets and drawers. Consider walk-in larders, floor-to-ceiling cabinets, secret panelling on bare walls and oversized drawers.

Materials and Finishes

Some materials exude effortless charm and chic elegance. These should be the main features of modern and luxury kitchen design ideas.


Marble countertops make a timeless statement. They come in exquisite hues and deep veining. Out of all the worktop materials, marble adds value to your home. Granite slabs also have unique features in their shades and patterns. It is very hardwearing. Quarts, known as ‘engineered stone’, have similar qualities to granite. Wood is versatile and charming. Oak, ash, walnut, beech and cherry are classics. These add warmth and a homely feel.


You can choose a matte or glossy finish for your cabinetry. Both are very ‘in’ on the modern kitchen frontier. Nothing beats solid wood kitchen units. These can be either painted in various colours or polished. Wood veneer and laminated wood are also stylish contenders. Stainless steel throws in a bit more modernity. Its clean lines, sleek texture and lustre give you an unmissable kitchen style and superior workhorse.


Kitchen flooring is part of the visual and textural narrative of the modern kitchen. Marble slabs are synonymous with luxury kitchens. Ceramic and porcelain tiles outlast and outperform in durability and resistance. Materials like granite, quartzite, stone tiles, terracotta, hardwood and terrazzo also enhance quality kitchen design.

Why is kitchen lighting so important

High-end Appliances and Fixtures

The luxury kitchen features smart technology, pro-grade appliances, bespoke design and the latest fixtures.

Built-in appliances – sleek and minimalist, these should blend style and function. The cooker, oven and fridge are the most prominent built-in appliances. You use these numerous times daily, so invest your money in them. Their design and colour should be in harmony with the rest of the kitchen.

Smart technology – can your fridge groove to the vibe with mood lighting? The more sophisticated the technology, the more it elevates the tone of your kitchen. Appliances with remote control capability and motion and voice activation add a layer of refined elegance. Undercabinet lighting with motion sensors can be ultra-convenient.

Bespoke fixtures – you can go the extra mile and customise everything from cabinet knobs to the kitchen tap to complement the colour palette and design style.

Lighting – the modern kitchen style optimises natural light. Illuminate your kitchen naturally using oversized windows, skylights, glazed doors and bi-fold or sliding doors. Keep light fixtures minimalist but artsy. Keep to the theme by mirroring light sources with colour scheme and decor.


Colour schemes and palettes – seamlessly integrated neutral and monochromatic schemes are a luxury interior design. Warm neutrals inspired by nature can mix with whites, greys and beiges. Neutral undertones can also juxtapose with a pop of colour, such as deep blues, greens or natural wood shades. Let countertops and backsplashes catch the eye with contrast. 

Decorative elements – microgreens, herb pots and houseplants always add character to luxury interior design. Use decorative light fixtures, especially glass ones. Cut glass, ceramic and stoneware fruit bowls serve looks and a functional purpose. Turn your backsplashes into modern artworks with patterned designs. 

Sustainability and Eco-friendly Options

Modern and luxury kitchen design ideas incorporate Earth-friendly elements.

Sustainable materials – using reclaimed wood and stone is highly sustainable. Incorporate concrete. Reduce environmental contamination with natural materials like wood, stone, glass, slate, ceramic, porcelain and marble.

Energy-efficient appliances – use A-rated appliances whenever possible. You save on energy bills while shrinking your kitchen’s carbon footprint. The most modern appliances have higher energy savings.

Solar panels – what if your kitchen can run on renewable energy? Install solar panels to generate electricity for the kitchen. Turn your kitchen into a green hub.

Modern and Luxury Kitchens with Good Design & Build

Want visual inspiration? These are some of our completed projects across London.

The bright and airy modern kitchen is the focal point of the contemporary home. It is a statement-maker and the nerve centre of interactions and gathering. It deserves luxury, elegance, style and aesthetics. 

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Author: Amol

Amol is an architectural designer and has worked on hundreds of residential projects in London since 2008.Having done his M.Arch from the Glasgow School of Arts he gained valuable experience in London working in the construction industry managing high-end residential projects, before founding Good Design and Build in 2015.You will meet him for initial consultation and work closely with him during all stages of your project