Change is inevitable. And sometimes it brings with it wonderful innovations and fresh, new looks.

Homeowners understand this well. With a change of seasons comes a need for change in the design and aesthetic of their homes. Not only does this help bring about a renewed vitality, but also helps in keeping their homes current and well-suited to their contemporary lifestyles.

But this does not necessarily have to involve drastic transformations. Simple, subtle, (and inexpensive) changes can have an incredible impact in the look and feel of the home.

Some of the best trends and design ideas that homeowners are embracing this season include:

1. Indoor/ Outdoor Spaces

Indoor Outdoor Spaces

Naturally, at this time of the year, the focus is all about the outdoors. Incorporating that concept into the design of your home helps create beautiful spaces that embody the freshness and vitality of summer.

Some the ways in which you can achieve this is by:

  • A splash of paint- 

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for your interiors. From a vibrant yellow to a cooling white, anything goes! 

But one of the standout colours of this season is the versatile green. From mint to olive, the shades are numerous and so are the possibilities. Green definitely brings the outdoors in!

  • Greenery- 

A quick and easy fix that adds great colour and design to a room is the addition of indoor plants. A few pots dotted around the room or even hanging overhead create the summer mood perfectly.

And from simple succulents to temperamental orchids, you can choose plants based on your design, as well as your proficiency as a horticulturist.

  • Open it up-

The most effective way of designing indoor-outdoor connections in your home is the creation of rooms and spaces that extend outwards. Conservatories and orangeries are perfect for creating the ideal nook in which to lounge on a summer evening. 

Similarly, the installation of glazed bi-fold or sliding doors seamlessly imbibes the views of the outdoors into the mood of the indoors, while blurring the lines and division between the two.

2. Sustainability

This is more than just about what’s trendy. It is about long-term impact.

With more and more homeowners thinking about long-term solutions that affect their homes and planet, it is unsurprising that many are turning to sustainable design concepts that are both stylish and eco-friendly. 

This generally involves increasing the energy efficiency of their homes. Some sustainable measures that can easily be incorporated include:

  • Double glazing windows and improving overall insulation
  • Switching to LEDs 
  • Maximising the natural light through the installation of strategically-placed windows and roof lights
  • Switching to energy-efficient appliances
  • Upgrading your boiler and heating systems

These may be small steps, but they are all in the right direction of making a big impact on your home, its sustainability, and even your energy bills.

3. Fusion of the old and new

Fusion of the old and new

An increasingly popular trend of blending modern with traditional interior styles is helping homeowners create stunning spaces. 

Rich, vibrant colours, vintage furniture, bold patterns, and fun accessories ensure the creation of the quintessential 70’s. 

And with an era that was marked by individuality and personal style, it’s no wonder that this trend of designing uniquely personal spaces is loved by homeowners.

4. Keeping it natural

The emphasis on organic and natural materials remains as strong as ever, be it via the colour palettes, textures, or the furniture introduced.

And with natural materials such as wicker, rattan, and wood remaining ever-popular choices, for furniture and accessories alike, one material that is showing tremendous potential this season is the humble stone. 

Interior designers are loving the many hues and textures it encompasses. Best of all? It’s versatility of use on a myriad of surfaces, from walls, countertops, and even furniture, make it one of the most sought-after materials by homeowners who seek the rugged and yet visually stimulating aesthetic of nature.

5. Feature lighting

Feature lighting

A surprising trend to emerge this season is the focus on feature lighting. While more conventional light sources are in no way becoming redundant, many homeowners are realising the potential for creating unique ambiences through their light fixtures. 

It’s true. The lighting of a room does have the ability to affect its function as well as its mood. As such, sensory lighting that is tailored to suit the needs and purpose of a room, while uplifting and complementing the overall character of the room, is a must-have this season.

And no summer is complete without the installation of garden lights that make the beautiful outdoors even more inviting at this time of the year.

The light fixtures themselves are transforming to become increasingly multifunctional as decorative pieces that tie in the style and vibe of the space.

6. House extensions

House extensions

One trend that is sure to never go out of style is the home extension. In fact its popularity has shown a dramatic rise in recent years.

Its advantages are clear. Creating additional space without resorting to moving houses, while adding value to your current home, is a luxury few would say no to. But it’s more than that. Homeowners are now realising the enormous potential and possibilities that home extensions offer.

Suitable for almost any type of property, on any budget, to create virtually any room. What more could you ask for?

From the classic side and rear extensions, to the simple loft and garage conversions, home extensions allow homeowners to expand, extend, upgrade, and refurbish their homes to cater to their specific needs and lifestyles. 

From contemporary kitchens to cosy conservatories, you can have it all with the right builders and designers by your side.


“To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often”. Winston Churchill may not have been talking about home interiors, but the sentiment resonates just the same. 

Homeowners are always on the lookout for trends and styles that not only upgrade their homes, but also suit their individual tastes and lifestyles. And this summer’s interior trends provide just that.

You may choose to completely overhaul your living space, or simply redesign the look with eclectic accessories. From classic renovations to the ultimate boho chic styles, we see it all.

The only thing that is constant is the freedom to personalise and customise your home in a way that suits your individual style.

If you are looking to transform your home into the pinnacle of style and panache, contact the incredible team at Good Design and Build today! From revamping your home to creating customised extensions, we do it all! Allowing you the perfect space and modern haven to relax, recharge, and relish in your surroundings.

Author: Amol

Amol is an architectural designer and has worked on hundreds of residential projects in London since 2008.Having done his M.Arch from the Glasgow School of Arts he gained valuable experience in London working in the construction industry managing high-end residential projects, before founding Good Design and Build in 2015.You will meet him for initial consultation and work closely with him during all stages of your project