Most of the people in the UK live, work or meet in house buildings that are over 200 year old or even earlier. With many old buildings, the requirement for adapting to modern house extension has become important. It is beneficial from a commercial, constructive, and sustainability perspective.

The UK government has urged to optimise the use of existing buildings and period homes (built before the first world war), according to the Policy Planning Guidance. 

Hence, modern house extension including sliding doors, rear and storey extension, open plan kitchen, and other extension designed family homes are encouraged. It save time and money while solving the problem at hand and is recommended to growing families over the recent decades.

Outdoor Rooms

Outdoor rooms or garden rooms have been a game-changer design idea in modern house extension, noticed due to the pandemic. It is a multi-purpose solution and can be installed in any type of housing. 

Installed on the ground floor, it will help you to relax, enjoy the sun and spend time with family. Its popularity is a consequence of an escape from planning permission, expense and disruption caused by noise pollution. 

According to building and renovation expert, Roofing Megastore, a garden room can increase the value of a house by £7,200. A garden gym room, an outdoor kitchen, an outdoor entertaining area and a hot tub are among the highest additions.

Modern house extension: Rooftop 

A complete checklist for a successful loft conversion

If you lack ground floor space, growing upwards might be one solution to create more space. Overhead extensions in itself have multiple forms, each personalised to suit clients. It can be a rooftop orangery, a modern mansard, some cosy loft extensions, secluded terrace, floor drops and many others.

According to Nationwide, a loft extension would add an average of 21 percent to a home’s value, or £63,000 if the home was worth £300,000 before the work commenced.  

The Guardian reports that Robert Gardner, chief economist at Nationwide, said home buyers were prepared to pay more for extra usable space, as this was often associated with better quality accommodation.

Glass box extension

Glass extensions are popular with the residential clients as more people realise its benefit. It brings more warmth with a modern aesthetic vibe with glass and bricks.   

Frameless glass box extensions merge indoor and outdoor space. It provides amazing views and warmth despite the weather because of transparency and greenhouse effect.

Glass extensions undoubtedly create impact and the ‘wow’ factor but, plan as per your use. For instance, a south-facing glass extension may become very hot, so might not be suitable for a kitchen.

Wrap-around extension

Like a loft extension, a wrap-around with sliding doors to the backyard adds value to your house. It might as well exceed the extension cost if the area is good.

If more than 50% of the total land is in use, it needs approval by building control. This excludes the original land area, according to the building regulations. 

If you have enough space alongside your property, then wrap-around extensions would fit perfectly. It will expand the living room and shelter an open plan kitchen. is the perfect opportunity to expand your living space.

Modern house extension: Entertainment

Having a cinema room, gym, mini library, studio or office space is amongst the top trendy choices. It adds a touch of luxury to your modern house design, making it complete.

With a hectic schedule, it will maintain your work-life balance. As, no one wants to miss out on good content or quality personal space. To catch up with the latest movies and big sports event, you will cherish this space. 

While boosting property’s value, it creates an ideal family entertainment. Moreover, total customisation makes it rank above any cinema hall.

Before planning for home extensions, complete your research around the area which will further assist in making a better decision. For instance, for a terraced house extension or conversion project, check the ceiling price of that road. That’s maximum value of any building in a specific area set by the government.

Author: Amol

Amol is an architectural designer and has worked on hundreds of residential projects in London since 2008.Having done his M.Arch from the Glasgow School of Arts he gained valuable experience in London working in the construction industry managing high-end residential projects, before founding Good Design and Build in 2015.You will meet him for initial consultation and work closely with him during all stages of your project