With a drastically changing home and work environment occurring during the last few years, the design and interior of homes is fast-evolving to suit the needs and desires of homeowners.

And an intrinsic part of the modern home is a truly resplendent bathroom. No longer simply a place to take care of personal hygiene, bathrooms have quickly become the most inviting and relaxing spaces in contemporary homes.

Together with new designs and trends, bathroom interiors are set to make a splash in 2022. Some of the most interesting interior styles that you need to watch out for, and incorporate into your modern bathroom include these key elements:

1. Eco-friendly design features

It’s no surprise that modern homeowners aspire to create a more sustainable and environmentally savvy space. And this resonates in their bathroom interiors as well.

The use of natural materials such as glass, bamboo, cork, and porcelain, not only adds to the eco-friendly aspect, but also delivers a range of textures and colours to the bathroom converting it into a striking space. There are other significant advantages to the use of sustainable materials; for example, they are reasonably priced, readily available, and enduring.

Similarly, the installation of LED lights, low-flow toilets, and motion-sensing faucets are simple but innovative ways to make your bathroom more environmentally efficient.

2. Textured surfaces

To add another level of design to the bathroom interior, homeowners are experimenting with different textures that transform the modern bathroom. This means that the flooring and walls of the bathroom no longer translate into a clinical or one-dimensional look.

Instead, the use of natural stone and wooden finishes provide both a visual and a tactile element to the bathroom design, while marble remains an ever-popular choice for a more luxurious effect.

Bathroom tiles are perhaps the most versatile material that add an incredible range of colour and texture. And bathroom tile trends in 2022 continue to utilise this versatility to enhance the spaces. Large, monochromatic tiles help you to achieve a clean and minimalist look, while bright, mosaic tiles can add a wonderful variation of colour and optical impact.

3. Cool colour schemes

The hues and shades within the bathroom can drastically impact the overall look and feel of the modern bathroom. Therefore the colour scheme can be used to create an aesthetic which is unique and specific to individual tastes.

Green is on its way to becoming the preferred colour of choice for homeowners who aim to creating a biophilic design. Richer, darker hues with metallic finishes, or bold borders and panels to create stark contrasts, are useful in creating luxurious spaces.

Warm, earthy tones are ideal for creating the calm sanctuary-like space that provide a balance of comfort and indulgence.

Playing around with coloured sanitaryware or bright and textured wallpapers add an extra element of colour and brightness to the room. While murals are wonderful focal features that can effortlessly tie-in different design elements to produce a cohesive space.

4. Accessories and embellishments

With the contemporary bathroom moving further away from its strictly functional design, and more towards creating a spa-like experience, the focus has been on the accessories and extra fixtures that lends an indulgent element to the room. As such, luxury fittings, lavish furnishing, and lush flora, are all used to create a truly extravagant experience.

Beautifully ornate mirrors, soft stools and benches, and the addition of natural plants, are wonderful ways of adding to the colour, design, and overall aesthetic of the room.

5. Clever layouts

Modern bathrooms have to, very often, contend with small and restrictive spaces. But the clever use of that space and smart layouts are used to create the best interiors.

The conversion of a traditional bathroom into a wet room is a wonderful space-saving solution that not only adds an extra element to the design, but also allows for a more open plan space without divisions or sections. Similarly, incorporating indoor-outdoor connections creates an incredible space that highlights the eco-friendly and earthy designs.

The use of stand-alone tubs, or the installation of a multi-levelled floor creates the illusion of larger spaces, while using smart storage options optimises the functionality of the space available.


With an emphasis on the modernising of bathroom interiors in the coming year, 2022 has already shown us exactly which way these trends are leaning towards. Some, like the Japandi trend in particular, seem here to stay.

One thing is clear though. Elegance, luxury, and sustainability will never go out of style. And by incorporating these features and elements, your bathrooms will look better than ever.

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Author: Amol

Amol is an architectural designer and has worked on hundreds of residential projects in London since 2008.Having done his M.Arch from the Glasgow School of Arts he gained valuable experience in London working in the construction industry managing high-end residential projects, before founding Good Design and Build in 2015.You will meet him for initial consultation and work closely with him during all stages of your project