With loft conversions quickly becoming the most-preferred type of home extension for most homeowners, their purpose is becoming just as diverse as their designs. And though they are now used to create bathrooms, home offices, gyms, playrooms, and even study nooks, one particular type of loft conversion is valued far above the rest. 

That’s right! The bedroom loft conversion. 

Not only does it hold enormous appeal for homeowners who are looking for some additional rooms to accommodate their growing families, but it also adds incredible value to a property for homeowners looking to sell. 

And with the latest styles making a big impact on modern loft bedrooms, its potential for adding valuable space to your home is seemingly endless. Some of the best designs that could transform your loft into the ideal bedroom are discussed here:

1. Minimalist design

It may seem obvious given the size of the space, but to make the most out of your bedroom loft, it is important to embrace the concept of minimalism. 

This however does not mean that you give up on creating the specific aesthetic you have envisioned. But rather, it provides you with the chance to incorporate one or two unique design features that draws the eye, and accentuates the best features of the room.

This could be in the form of a one-of-a-kind, centrally-located antique bed, a beautiful rug, or even a feature wall. The idea is to not crowd the space, but instead opt for a few pieces of furniture, with simple and elegant fittings, to design a room that is cosy, luxurious, and welcoming.

2. Floating furniture

Floating furniture

An interesting trend that is both space-saving, minimalist, and versatile is the concept of floating your furniture. 

In a bedroom, this mainly applies to your bed, but can also be used on any other pieces of furniture. The process involves placing your furniture towards the centre of the room and freeing up your walls. This creates the illusion of a larger space, while at the same time making the room more intimate and inviting.

Another easy trick to optimising the space available is the installation of built-in storage spaces such as drawers under your bed and fitted wardrobes. These allow you to cleverly utilise the awkward corners and angles found in loft bedrooms without compromising on the design.

3. Maximising the natural light

Easily one of the best features of a loft bedroom is the amount of natural light that enters it. Not only does it help create a brighter living space, but it is a design feature in and of itself.

And to make the best use of this feature, it is crucial to select the most appropriate style and placement of windows that provide the perfect balance of openness and privacy.

Skylights are wonderful for creating an airy atmosphere during the day with a perfect view of the stars at night. Combine this with smart weather sensors and you never have to stress about flooding your bedroom.

Dormer windows too are great options for not only adding extra headroom and floorspace, but also for bringing in a lot of natural light and ventilation.

Another great option is the installation of glazed doors that open up to a Juliet balcony. These help in maximising the light, ventilation, views, and space, all while creating the perfect spot for an evening tea.

4. Optimising the sense of space

Interior design is as much about illusion as it is about the actual space. And nowhere is it more important to create the illusion of a larger space than in a loft bedroom.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of simple but ingenious tips and tricks that help create the impression of a bigger space. 

Naturally, the colour palette chosen plays an important role in how the room feels. Lighter tones help brighten up the space which is why white is a popular choice for loft bedrooms. Light, translucent curtains and drapes further soften and diffuse the natural light to create a brighter space.

Similarly, the strategic positioning of mirrors can help reflect the light in the room to create more depth. While lower furniture enhances the height of the room.

5. Opting for energy efficiency

No contemporary conversion is complete without a switch to energy efficiency and energy saving appliances. And your loft bedroom is no different.

Making the change to energy efficiency helps to drastically reduce your energy consumption while also ensuring the sustainability of your renovated home. Some simple measures that make a big difference include:

  • Switching to LED lights
  • Upgrading your boiler (especially with the added load of your loft bedroom)
  • Improving the insulation


While the loft bedroom itself adds a great deal of space and value to your home, making sure that the space created is optimised and enhanced is the perfect way to realise its immense potential.

Incorporating these trends and styles allows you to design the ultimate loft bedroom that is a true embodiment of smart design and beautiful space.

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Author: Amol

Amol is an architectural designer and has worked on hundreds of residential projects in London since 2008.Having done his M.Arch from the Glasgow School of Arts he gained valuable experience in London working in the construction industry managing high-end residential projects, before founding Good Design and Build in 2015.You will meet him for initial consultation and work closely with him during all stages of your project