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Located in the West End of central London, the affluent district Kensington has much to offer residents and is not a place to be given up easily. While moving houses can be very expensive, it can also prove time consuming to find the perfect place to meet your growing family’s changing lifestyle. If you find your family needs more space, then loft conversions Kensington is the perfect solution.

Benefits of a loft conversion

Quality loft conversions help your house grow at a fraction of the cost of moving to a new house. Your Kensington loft conversion can be done according to your specifications, so that it is personalised and made to suit your family’s tastes. You can have optional design features included, such as balconies and bathrooms. If your loft has access to a flat roof, then you can have a cosy rooftop space created for intimate family gathering under the stars. There are several conversions to choose from including the dormer loft conversions, which is popular as they involve the least amount of constructional changes. However, whichever type of conversion you opt for you will be getting great value for money, convenience and affordability.

Why choose Good Design and Build?

As a loft conversion specialist, we pride ourselves on always delivering a top quality service. Our team comprises industry experts, bringing their field expertise to achieve the common goal of conducting each project with professionalism and dedication. During our initial free consultation, we gather information such as your requirements, budget, existing roof and floor space and headroom, details required for us to provide you a provisional drawing and an exclusive quote. We do not work on standard templates and each project is unique and personal.

You are assigned a dedicated project manager to oversee the entire operation and to act as your contact point. We also handle all the paperwork needed if your conversions require planning permission, such as if it is a semi-detached house, to be compliant with area building regulations. All of this is done with as little disruption as possible caused to your family.

Get in touch with us for more information on loft conversions Kensington and make use of our initial free consultation. At Good Design & Build we guarantee that we offer you the most competitive pricing, so that you can turn your underused loft into a beautiful functioning space. Let us help you enjoy better living now by making a sound financial choice for the future.

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