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If you are considering a loft conversion in Chiswick, then we at Good Design & Build are the correct partner for you in this Journey. Our lofts are designed to add the desired space and your family needs along with our expert input and experience. We ensure that your loft space and natural lighting are maximised, helping you add valuable space to your Victorian or 1930s home. At Good Design & Build loft conversion company Chiswick, we specialise in Victorian homes and in those built in the 1930s, so you can rest assured that your loft conversion project is in expert hands

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What are the benefits of loft conversion?

If your family is growing and you do not want the hassle of having to move homes,then loft conversions are the undeniable solution. It takes your under-used loft space, and transforms it into an elegant and inviting bedroom, a spacious office or playroom that allows in the rejuvenating natural sunlight. Investingin a loft conversion is cheaper than moving to a new house, while it also proves to be a return on investment as it increases the value of your home.

How do you approach a project?

Our approach is by combing the roles of the both architect and project manager, so that you experience a smooth conversion from start to finish. We are able to do this as we have experienced specialists in both disciplines, an advantage that very few loft conversion companies can offer. As we handle all aspects, we can foresee and manage the operation completely and avoid any costly issues that may arise. This enables us to stay within the quoted price range, allowing you to stay within your budget. You will benefit from the input and advice of our dedicated project manager who handles everything from start to completion.

What is your work ethic?

At Good Design & Build Loft conversions for W4, we strongly believe in doing a design drawing 10 times over to reach your desired perfection, so that we get it right in the first instance. By ensuring that the design is completed to your specifications and requirements we avoid the need to re-do areas of the project, again allowing us to stay within the agreed budget.

How do I get started on a loft conversion?

Once you get in touch with us regarding your requirement, we provide you with a 45 minute free consultation. It is during this initial meeting that we get to know you, your family, the personality of your home and to develop a concept for the intended new space. This is how we ensure a bespoke loft conversion in Chiswick, helping families bring to life their home design dreams.

After the initial meeting we work on the quote. Each quote is exclusive and based on your needs, taking every aspect into consideration. We do not work with standard templates. For us, each project in unique and important and treated with great care.

What about planning permissions?

This will depend on the type of conversion you opt for, be it Dormer, Velux or Mansard. We have experience regarding planning permissions and know which conversions and homes will require permission and which types can be done without. When permission is necessary, we apply on your behalf as we have a very high success rate in our application process.

Why choose Good Design & Build Loft conversion company Chiswick?

We are passionate experts in the field of loft conversions, especially for 1930s and Victorian houses. Backed by our strong team of experts we are able to remove the stress of home expansions and instead make it an inclusive, affordable and smooth experience. You will enjoy the benefits of our knowledge and experience as we handle the entire process from concept design to build. This includes architectural drawings, structural calculations, planning permission (if necessary) and construction.

Contact Good Design & Build for your loft conversion in Chiswick to obtain your free consultation and bespoke quote which we guarantee comes with the most competitive pricing, to turn your loft into a beautiful and functioning space in your home.

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